Wednesday, May 02, 2007

This was in Daegu. A really traditional festival that changed when er... breakdancing started! I found it funny anyway.

On the islands of Namhae. I decided photo's werent doing the place justice. Anyway for my pics, click here

A display in Suwon where the king arrives (following a clearly non-traditional musical opening) Check out my post on this day here

A parade in Geochang. Check out the 'Phantom of the Opera' band

The view from my apartment at night with dodgy camera work that has become so fashionable (on this blog)

Here I am in a theatre chatting to my beginner students before some of the more advanced performed their musical. Excuse the prince's outfit. You can see other pics by clicking here

Lots of scary monsters at Woobang land parade but the strangest one is at the end. For a look at the photo's of this day click here

I'm so confident that this will be the most viewed due to my poor skating skills but I manage a lap and catch the "born on ice" canadian (on camera)

Having fun with sharks at the aquarium

These next few video's are based in seoul grand park at the aqua show. I was pretty impressed... mainly for how all the koreans got really into it. Anyway you can see my other photo's from this day on my photo blog here